Introducing BOND (BOSS On Demand)

Experience and Personalize the trusted voyage management solution
13 December 2023

Efficient and error-free voyage management is essential for seamless maritime operations. We have spent the last decade, closely collaborating with various maritime stakeholders to solve the complex challenges of voyage optimization and validated reporting through BOSS. After years of continuous refinement, we are delighted to introduce our services to a broader audience through BOND ( BOSS on Demand). BOND is a self-service platform to access and customize our voyage optimization and reporting suite that is trusted by most of the industry leaders including oil majors, charterers, and ship owners.

BOND Slide show

1. Validated Data Reporting: A Foundation of Reliability

At the core of BOND lies the robust foundation of Validated Data Reporting. This feature ensures that the data collected is not merely accurate but meticulously validated. By eliminating uncertainties and inaccuracies, BOND establishes a reliable basis for decision-making and regulatory compliance.

2. Emission Reporting and Compliance Management: Navigating through Regulatory Waters

Compliance with emission regulations is a complex task in today’s maritime framework. BOND simplifies this challenge faced with preset templates reporting complying with various regulations of EU-ETS, CII, SCC, and IMO-DCS etc. Companies can effortlessly customize these templates, ensuring 100% error-free emission reporting through an innovative AI-assisted vessel monitoring solution.

3. Vessel Performance Analysis

BOND extends beyond compliance; it propels your vessel operations into the future with vessel performance analysis. Dive deep into vessel performance curves and trends derived from validated data. Define and refine benchmarks for Hull, Propeller, and Engine conditions, receiving real-time alerts when performance veers off course.

4. Self-Service Platform: Tailored Solutions for Every Need

BOND’s Self-Service Platform is the lighthouse guiding companies through the maze of maritime challenges. Subscribe to what your company needs – whether it’s data reporting, performance analysis, or compliance management. The Wishlist doesn’t end here; it extends to storm avoidance, weather routing, and optimum routing.

5. Real-Time Fleet Monitoring: A Unified Command Center

Track and visualize the current position of your fleet in real time. BOND provides the latest SAT-AIS positions, weather forecasts, and hindcasts, all in a single-screen user interface. Monitor vessel activities seamlessly, empowering decision-makers with up-to-the-minute information.

BOND visualisation

6. Optimum Routing: Precision in Every Voyage

Customize your voyages with Optimum Routing – a feature that allows vessels to chart the most efficient course tailored to their specific needs. Optimum Routing minimizes fuel consumption, enhances safety, and maximizes operational efficiency.

BOND stands as a beacon of innovation in the maritime industry. Its modular, self-service approach ensures that companies subscribe only to what is essential for their unique operations. From validated data reporting to real-time fleet monitoring, BOND is a comprehensive solution for the modern maritime enterprise, propelling operations into a new era of efficiency, compliance, and excellence. Subscribe to BOND today and experience the ease of operations in challenging times due to new regulatory compliance requirements.