Blue Water Optimum Speed Services

Optimum voyage planning and monitoring can save upto 10% fuel in a voyage. BOSS seamlessly encompasses a number of related services to make this possible. BOSS combines data models with advanced optimization algorithms to plan a voyage with intelligent weather routing and dynamic speed scheduling. Planning is where things just get started. Automatic data logging through our accelerated noon reporting system creates a complete fleet management toolkit for voyage monitoring, vessel performance analysis, bunker claims management and much more!


A bar headed Goose may lose up to 3 pounds in its flight from Central Asia to South Asia. A voyage like this requires significant planning to reach the destination in the given time using the minimum possible resources. BOSS aims to optimize main engine fuel consumption through optimum voyage planning and monitoring. A weather foresight across the entire route space when used by a smart algorithm can help decide a route and a speed schedule that optimizes the fuel consumption for just in time arrival at the destination.

Unlike traditional weather routing services, our algorithm exhaustively explores all possible speed and course combinations to decide the most optimal voyage plan under the constraints of the agreed CP terms and safe navigation guidelines. We have a proven track record of an average 5-7% fuel savings against a transparent voyage benchmarking system. Read more about our optimization and benchmarking methodology to understand how we are different.

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Voyage Management

While optimum voyage planning is a smart first step for saving bunkers, a transparent data visualization and alerting system is essential to monitor the compliance of a voyage plan to ensure that the bunker savings are realized during the voyage.

BOSS serves as an single platform that combines data from several data sources including noon reports, SAT-AIS positions and weather forecasts to provide tools that bring voyage management at your fingertips. Our Intelligent Voice Assistant (IVA) allows the user to get answers to voyage and fleet related queries without having to browse through the system. Our automatic notification system about vessel under-performance against warranties, non-compliance of voyage plan etc., allows the voyage operators to take corrective measures during the voyage and be a step ahead.

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BOSS uses MIRROR for accelerated and validated vessel noon reporting. Noon report data serves as the basis for all post voyage reports and voyage performance analysis, in commercial shipping operations. BOSS ensures this data goes through several layers of validation before any critical decisions are made using it.

An interactive, vessel specific HTML form is sent out to the vessel which has several client side validations to prevent erroneous data entry at the very source. Once the MIRROR form is received via a secure email server, the noon data goes through several server side validation layers which create a discrepancy report handled by BOSS operators. Read more to see how MIRROR ensures reliable reporting and performance analytics in BOSS.

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Performance Trending

BOSS goes beyond voyage planning and management! The validated noon data combined with analyzed weather is used for deriving insights about vessel performance which can assist vessel operators to take decisions about hull cleaning, engine and propeller maintenance.

Our data-analytics toolkit analyzes the relationships between engine load, fuel consumption, RPM and speed to understand the current and historic vessel performance trend. Read more to understand how we normalize our data to compare vessels across the fleet on a common scale.

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Emission Management and Optimization

Various stakeholders in the marine industry are aligning their efforts to drastically reduce marine emissions by 2050. To achieve this goal, regulations such as Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) and Sea Cargo Charter (SCC) aim at standardizing emission calculation and reporting process. To comply with the latest CII and SCC guidelines, BOSS streamlines data-collection, validation and reporting of emissions data. Let’s look at how BOSS can provide a one-stop solution for not only adhering to the reporting standards of CII and SCC, but also optimizing the emissions to achieve the annual emission targets for your fleet.

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LNG Voyage Optimization

Optimizing voyages for LNG carriers is a complex problem. BOSS offers the most complete LNG voyage optimization solution that can yield 5-7% proven bunker savings while ensuring timely arrival. Read more to see how BOSS uses machine learning and thermodynamic models to optimally plan and monitor LNG voyages with efficient boil-off-gas management, speed scheduling and weather routing.

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