CHAMP (Cargo Heating Advanced Marine Process)

CHAMP is an interactive and secure web application which allows our esteemed clients to access data of heated cargo voyages enrolled under Cargo Heating Management Service. It assists users to monitor/ compare their voyages at different levels of abstraction.


  • Objective Monitoring: Heating Log Abstract Module in CHAMP helps to keep a tab on cargo heating performance of the ongoing voyages real time basis giving accurate and complete information.
  • Temperature Bank: CHAMP utilizes its big data to draw the Intelligence for deciding the most optimum heating instruction for any cargo.
  • Fuel Estimator: Our unique tool helps to calculate fuel consumption for heating in voyage specific conditions(Ambient, Cargo properties, Quantity, heating Instructions), serving to enhance the quality of decision-making at the voyage planning stage.
  • Voyage Performance Indicator: Graphically displays the deviation between actual and CHM Projected boiler Consumption for cargo heating which depicts performance of the vessel.
  • Reduction in Carbon Footprint: This module graphically represents the reduction in GHG emission due to the implementation of CHM service over the fleet.
  • Data Archiving: User can access their fleet data enrolled under CHM up to 4 months from a centralized platform.
  • Reports: Quarterly and Annual report of all heated voyages enrolled under our service are available online for quick reference, which greatly assists our clients in identifying areas of concerns and taking corrective actions well in time.

User may select the most feasible options from CHAMP and download apportioned Heating log in the customized template as per their requirement.