Cargo Heating Apportioned Log Service

Cargo Heating Apportioned Log Service(CHAL) splits consumption logically and reasonably between Owners and Charterers in the case of cargo heat up. This application was devised to scientifically segregate per day consumption between grade(s) duly taking into account cargo quantity, temperature, and ambient conditions.

Blue Water, through a customized application, splits the consumptions billable into reasonable Heat Up and Maintain fractions. This service supports the vessel manager in voyage P/L calculations and also avoids expensive claims or disputes among the stakeholders.

For the vessels enrolled under Cargo Heating Management Service, it provided as an add-on service without any additional service cost.

The final apportioned heating log with the following options:

  1. Logical: An extensive algorithm is applied to derive the voyage specific split factor (VSF) which is used to split the consumption between owner and charter proportionately.
  2. Standard Maintain Based: Voyage specific fuel Consumption to maintain the cargo at loaded temperature is calculated using artificial intelligence is allocated to owner’s account and balance will placed up into charterer account.
  3. Standard Heat Up Based: BP voyage 4 formulae is used to calculate the heat up consumption for the voyage summed up with the consumption to maintain cargo above loaded temperature computed through derivative analysis is allocated to charterer’s account and remaining consumption is billed to owner.

User may select the most feasible options from CHAMP and download apportioned Heating log in the customized template as per their requirement.


  • A weight off Offshore Operations and Vessel Staff shoulders.
  • Comprehensive and logical explanation in case of disputes.
  • Vetted by experienced analysts to avoid duplicity and errors.
  • Multiple Options available for rebilling.
  • Better customer relationship with all stakeholders.