Because BOSS needs an assistant

Blue Water is excited to announce the release of Qaira – Query and information retrieval agent. Qaira (pronounced as Kyra) is a smart and intuitive virtual assistant, that provides data driven answers to questions regarding your fleet. With BOSS digesting data from various sources each minute, Qaira offers an intelligent interface that can analyze data in real time and deliver information useful for decision making.

Digitization and automation are the future of the shipping industry and we at Blue Water strive to stay a step ahead in this ever evolving industry. While BOSS is abundantly equipped with data-analysis modules, it can be daunting for users to browse through the system to get the required information. Qaira is a result of our efforts in making BOSS more accessible and user friendly. It is a voice and text driven AI assistant that understands your questions in free form natural language, fetches relevant data and perfoms analysis to present the requested information.

Qaira can handle a variety of questions ranging from vessel and voyage specific queries to more general questions regarding aggregated statistics about your fleet. Besides accessing the fleet specific data acquired through validated noon reports, Qaira combines data from various sources including weather, standard shipping routes and bunker prices to support questions that go beyond fleet statistics. To get an overview of the functionalities supported by the assistant, simply ask Qaira about it.

What can Qaira do for me?

The vision behind Qaira is to make it a one stop intuitive interface for securely requesting any information that is available with BOSS. While things have just started in that direction, the first release of Qaira comes packed with a number of services.

Get vessel and voyage status
Calculate fuel savings
Voyage estimates at your fingertips
Generate and retrieve reports
Vessel and fleet performance analysis
Distance tables, bunker prices and more!

How does it work?

Behind the scenes, Qaira relies on several software components that work together to get answers to your questions. A Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine processes a query, extracts the user intent, and maps it to an appropriate answering engine. The answering engine extracts various entities from the query that are needed to prepare the answer and then fetches relevant information from various data sources, to deliver fast and accurate answers.