Making Vessel Operations Future Ready: Blue Water Rolls Out BOSS CII Estimator

28 August 2022

Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) has been the complex burning topic in the maritime industry. Since the announcement, there have been numerous debates regarding the compliance measures yet with just 5 months to go, about 75% of vessels will not be EEXI compliant according to a report from VesselsValue.

There’s no doubt that the early movers will have a better CII rating that would have a direct impact on vessel employment.

Engineered to revolutionize how vessel owners plan, execute vessel operations, and monitor the performance of their fleet, the BOSS CII Estimator takes the guesswork out and helps one make such decisions in a few seconds.

CII estimator screenshot

Blue Water being cognizant of these developments, has introduced a smart and practical CII Estimator, that allows vessel owners and operators to assess future operational impact on their fleets, and gives them estimates to improve efficiency, optimize CII ratings and help with their decarbonization targets.

Serving as an intrinsic feature of Blue Water’s BOSS Voyage Optimization Suite, the BOSS CII Estimator readily calculates the yearly CII based on multiple parameters using BOSS’ extensive AI & ML assisted vessel digital twins.

The Need: BOSS CII Estimator - Answer to All Operational Queries

The BOSS CII Estimator simulates hundreds of trading patterns at a flick of button to estimate how the operational parameters will impact the vessels’ CII rating.

Further, it answers the following most commonly sought questions by vessel owners and operators:

  • What is the vessel’s current CII rating?
  • What will be the impact of CO2 emissions on the current CII rating due to the future trade pattern?
  • How to identify the most suitable trading pattern for better CII ratings?
  • How to determine the optimum speed instructions for a vessel for a certain trade route?

Ahead of the Pack: How BOSS CII Estimator Stands Different?

  • 2000 Simulations at an Instant: Considering 100 Cape Vessels in a fleet, simulating all Baltic route combinations for eco and full speed at both laden and ballast conditions would have taken 2000 simulations. BOSS CII Estimator dramatically cuts this down to one click & one second. Time is money, and BOSS certainly knows it.
  • Supports Vessel Specific Baltic Routes: Computes vessel class specific Baltic Routes at a click of button, and generates the estimated CO2 emissions and corresponding CII rating.
  • Estimations basis Vessel’s Performance: Uses vessel’s past data or sensor data to generate a digital twin and provide realistic estimations.
  • Estimations basis Vessel’s Speed and Consumption data
  • Draft and Load Condition Specific Simulations
  • Dynamic Sea Margin: The estimator does not only consider a standard sea margin for simulation, but also provides an option to use historical weather data to calculate sea margin.
Dynamic Sea Margin

  • Vessel Specific Retardation Factors: Apart from Sea Margin, the BOSS CII estimator also takes in vessel class specific weather and sea retardation factors to compute speed and emissions details, giving a much transparent and practical estimates.
  • Determine Optimum Speed & Trading Pattern: On simulating the different trading routes, BOSS CII estimator suggests optimum speed and trading pattern to optimize CII rating of vessels.
  • Fuel Specific Calculations: Calculates CO2 emissions based on fuel type usage.
  • Interactive UI: Removes the need for both tedious excel sheets and evaluating results on multiple routes. Instead, an interactive interface provides a much simpler way to conduct route and speed comparisons.
CII estimator results
  • Share Simulation Reports: BOSS CII estimator lets the user easily export and share simulation details with anyone.
CII estimator report

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