BOSS 2021 Rewind

The past two years have been quite unusual and challenging due to the pandemic and the remote/hybrid work settings. Looking back at 2021, our teams not only worked through these challenges, but went above and beyond to load BOSS with many new features and upgrades. As digitization revamps the commercial shipping industry, BOSS team has knuckled down with the latest machine learning and AI tools to improve and automate voyage planning, monitoring and performance analysis. Over the last year, we have advanced our services from Oil Tankers to Bulk carriers and LNG vessels. We are now serving all these new segments with the best innovative tools, heavily researched and developed by our scientists and engineers. Despite the significant growth in our clientele, we have upheld our promise of keeping BOSS adaptive and customizable as per the client’s requirements. As we step into 2022 and set new targets for the year ahead, let us rewind and look back at last year’s highlights.

1. Enhanced User Experience with a single page application

More than 90% of BOSS modules are now contained in our new single-page application. This new update provides a more seamless user experience, reduces loading times and makes it easy for our clients to discover new features and make swift informed decisions.

2. Fleet view added for concise fleet reports

Our new user interface also provides a fully customizable and informative fleet view to get the latest status report of all vessels. The vessels and columns of the fleet view table can be customized and saved in user-specific configurations to abstract away the noise and focus on relevant fields as per your requirement.

3. New and Improved Ship hydrodynamic modelling

By combining data from SAT-AIS, hind-cast weather data and reported engine data in MIRROR reports, we have curated a large-scale dataset for fitting accurate vessel-specific hydrodynamic models. Using robust machine learning and AI algorithms on this dataset, we can create models using just the IMO number of the vessel. While being empirically principled on vessel and engine design, our models can be tweaked on the incoming sensor and noon data to stay consistent with the latest vessel performance.

4. Voyage Request Form (VRF)

The new Voyage Request Form simplifies and streamlines the voyage planning process, by not only making the process more efficient but also reducing the chances of clerical errors.

5. Voyage Plan simplification

We heard your feedback! We’ve updated our voyage optimization algorithm to generate easy to follow speed recommendations with longer time intervals and rounded clock times.

6. Route Planner - Real time and accurate voyage simulation

Get voyage estimates, route and speed comparison at your fingertips using the route planner module! Route planner takes into account vessel-specific hydrodynamic models and latest weather forecast to give the most accurate estimates based on six hourly voyage simulation.

7. Multiple Weather Sources

BOSS sources weather and sea currents data from three different agencies - NOAA, Spire and Coperniucs. The weather data is not only available for visualization on our new UI, but is also being used for voyage simulation, optimization and hindcast weather analysis.

8. MIRROR Upgrade

A number of new validations and auto-calculations have been added in the new version of the MIRROR reporting forms. The user experience has also been enhanced considerably as per the feedback received from various stakeholders. Error resolution process at server end has also been automated to rectify numerous inconsistent/false reports.

9. OFAC analysis

Our OFAC (Office of Foreign Assests Control) analysis module can fetch and analyze historical SAT-AIS data of any vessel and detect/suspect visits to the OFAC sanctioned regions. Using AI, our system can detect suspicious patterns in SAT-AIS data near the sanctioned areas to generate an OFAC analysis report for any vessel using just the IMO number.

10. Sea Cargo emission offline reporting form

Introduced an offline form for reporting Sea Cargo Emissions and a dashboard to visualize and analyze the reported data.

11. Sensor data analysis

BOSS can now ingest sensor data through an API and use it for noon report verification and vessel performance analysis.

12. Savings Dashboard

You can now generate a concise report to monitor and track the fuel and voyage cost savings of your entire fleet. You may also deep dive into any voyage to analyze the savings calculation and verify our benchmarking methodology.

Office Expansion and Plans Ahead

Last year, our staff grew from 40 employees to 75 employees and we moved into our new office building. We're glad to share pictures from our new office space. Looking forward, we have our eyes set on achieving bigger and better things this year.

Following are some of the most exciting features and products we are planning on rolling out this year: