Voyage Comparator

BOSS voyage Comparator is an web application to plan voyage beforehand precisely in terms of ETA, multitude variables of market and Weather. Comparator calculates accurate ETA basis C/P Speed by taking weather and other factors like freight, ETB window, bunker price, demurrage etc in account.

It generates various scenarios so that user can do what if analysis to choose from different voyage schedules in terms of fuel savings / voyage earnings as suitable. Comparator has user defined schedule in which user can prepare the schedule as per their required speed.



  • Freight Calculator: is used to calculate freight basis world scale rate or freight/day, as per user’s convenience.
  • Demurrage Calculator:User can fill demurrage rate (USD/day) to automatically calculate demurrage.
  • Live bunker prices:User can choose bunker price of four major bunker ports and three types of bunker in the world for calculations, if required fuel prices can be filled manually.
  • ETB window:ETB window takes earliest and latest ETB date and time. User can enter preferred ETA /ETB for user can decide best suitable ETB window basis voyage earnings.
  • Best Speed Plan:Best speed plan is based achieving latest ETB as provided by the user with minimum M/E fuel consumption.
  • Max TCE Plan:Max TCE plan is based on ETB for which voyage earnings is maximum.
  • Minimum Expense Plan:Minimum expense plan is based on ETA for which voyage expenses is minimum. It is designed specifically for charterer.