Speed Optimization

" Fix your eyes on target and you make almost everything speed towards it. "

A Cheetah does not make the kill by moving at a constant speed. It foresees, plans and executes with perfection to optimize its energy during the hunt. Blue Water’s speed scheduling algorithm is as intelligent and efficient as a Cheetah chasing its prey.

This Innovative service cum feature aims to optimize main engine consumption on the route adopted by the vessel staff. A highly sophisticated algorithm generates precise options and thereafter decides the most optimum speed schedule with minimum fuel consumption foreseeing the weather ahead.


A detailed speed schedule with 6 hourly RPM recommendation is sent to the vessel for onboard implementation and updated every fifth day with latest weather forecast or in case of change in voyage orders.

BOSS has proven record of 8-10% realistic fuel savings without any delay.



  • Vessel specific model is created by BOSS utilizing its past voyage abstracts which precisely derives the relation between RPM, speed and FOC in various weather conditions.
  • Weather and current data is fetched from a reliable source and then verified for its accuracy prior voyage simulation.
  • Speed optimization schedule is updated every 5th day with latest weather forecast and sea currents or in case of change in voyage orders.
  • BOSS setup a foremost monitoring platform by combining technology and human being.
  • Alerts are sent to the vessel in case of any discrepancy in the reported data.
  • Performance Evaluation report is prepared on completion of voyage covering end to end scenarios highlighting the fuel savings achieved against logical benchmark.


  • Better management of offshore resources due to firm ETA calculated by SOS.

  • Maximise scope of fuel savings and corresponding emission reduction without compromising with ETA.

  • Minimum involvement of Ship staff and Offshore Operations.

  • Monitoring by our expert analysts and troubleshooting is carried out as and when required until desired results are achieved.

  • SOS schedules speed in order to minimize exposure to bad weather.