Voyage Management

BOSS serves as a single platform that combines data from several data sources including noon reports, SAT-AIS positions and weather forecasts to provide tools that bring voyage management at your fingertips. Our Intelligent Voice Assistant (IVA) allows the user to get answers to voyage and fleet related queries without having to browse through the system. Our automatic notification system about vessel under-performance against warranties, non-compliance of voyage plan etc., allows the voyage operators to take corrective measures during the voyage and stay a step ahead in fuel saving and emission reduction initiatives.

Fleet Weather Visualization

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BOSS Fleet Weather Visualization

BOSS fleet weather visualization provides a complete view of the entire fleet on a map with weather and sea currents overlay. This interactive tool plots the latest SAT-AIS position of the vessel on the map with options to view the historical tracks and the BOSS recommended route for a voyage. It provides complete transparency to the BOSS weather routing service and provides the voyage operators with a handy tool to monitor the current status of their vessels.


  • The weather date-slider allows the user to see the weather and sea current patterns for the past 5 and the upcoming 10 days.
  • Allows the user to plot historical track of any vessel for the past seven days using high frequency SAT-AIS data. Also allows the user to plot the BOSS recommended route for the voyage for the remaining passage.
  • User may click on any way point in the recommended route to load the weather visualization for the future date-time at which the vessel is expected to reach the selected way point.
  • A handy tool to check voyage plan and recommended route compliance.
  • Includes labelled polygons for SECA/ECA, HRA and VRA regions and Ice Limits.
  • Brings complete transparency to our weather routing service, allowing the user to appreciate BOSS optimization techniques to avoid adverse weather exposure and save fuel.

Voyage Monitoring

BOSS provides a voyage monitoring dashboard for objective comparison between the planned voyage schedule and actual noon-data. While voyage planning is an essential first step to save fuel, compliance of the voyage plan is equally important to ensure that the planned fuel savings are realized during the voyage. The monitoring dashboard provides a daily and aggregated till-date comparison between the planned and actual voyage schedule. A variation between the planned and actual data beyond a defined threshold alerts BOSS operators about non compliance. BOSS operators follow a protocol which includes communicating directly with the master and voyage operators to seek reasons for non-compliance and take corrective measures to ensure future voyage plan compliance.

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  • Daily comparison between planned and actual speed, RPM, fuel, weather and sea currents.
  • A till date-summary of planned and actual distance, average speed, steaming hours and weather.
  • Visual alerts for days on which variation between actual and planned data has variation beyond a defined KPI.
  • ROB validation, SAT-AIS position validation .
  • Provision for exporting the raw daily reported noon data in Excel format.

Qaira - Query and information retrieval agent

Qaira provides an intelligent interface to the entire BOSS database by allowing the user to ask questions about the current voyage or historical data of any vessel. Qaira aims to reduce the onboarding and training time for a new user and helps avoid the hassle of browsing through the application to look for data, or generate reports. It is a single secured interface through which a user can dive into the entire BOSS stack and ask various questions about the status of current voyages, alerts and notifications, performance trends, aggregated statistics of past performance etc and also generate reports like performance claims, quarterly reports, fuel savings reports etc. The bot uses state of the art Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to process user queries and interface with the BOSS system.

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